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ZE™ Active Product Support


1. What's included in ZE™ Active Smartwatch box?

1x ZE™ Active Smartwatch, 1xZE™ Active Charging Cable and 1xUser Manual should be included.


2. How to setup ZE™ Active Smartwatch?
You can download the app called "FitCloudPro" App in your smartwatch from the Android App Store or iOS App Store. 

Turn the bluetooth On in your smartphone and connect the watch in the app. Once it's connected, it will sync everything automatically and you are ready to go!

If you would like to use the call function, you need to connect another bluetooth in your smartphone bluetooth setting. 

3. How to change watch dials?

You can press and hold on the current dial and swipe left or right to select your favourite one. If you want more dials, you can download from your smartphone application. You can even set your photo as the watch dial.


4. How to measure heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen?
You can measure from the watch or app. The watch should wear properly in order to get the correct value. Go to Heart Rate/Blood Pressure/Blood Oxygen icon on the watch and tap to start measuring. Please note that these measurements are only for reference and need to measure with hospital grade devices to get more accurate values. 


5. How can I receive calls?
After you have connected another bluetooth device in your cellphone bluetooth settings, you are ready to make/receive calls. You can talk through your watch.


6. How can I track my sleep quality?

You can track your sleep quality in the sleep tracking tab. It usually track automatically at night if you wear and sleep. It will show light sleep, deep sleep and REM sleep.



7. How to update my weather?

If your watch is connected to your cellphone and your cellphone is connected to the internet, it will update the weather in your location automatically. It needs sometime to sync the weather data. 


8. How to control my music?

Go to music control tab and you can control your cellphone music if it's connected to your cellphone. You can skip or playback via watch while running or exercising. 


9. How to set timer?

You can set timer in timer menu and it can be used whenever you need to set timer. 


10. How many alarms can I set?

You can set up to 5 alarms in Alarm tab. It will activate alarm reminder and vibration on your wrist.


11. How can I receive Message and App notifications?

You will receive your cellphone app and message notifications if your watch is connected to the cellphone. If you don't receive, check your cellphone bluetooth setting whether the watch is connected or not. 2 devices should be connected.


12. What are other functions?

There are many other useful functions and features including stop watch, mobile phone search, camera control,... You can find them in settings and menu.



13. How to adjust the brightness?

You can adjust the brightness of the watch by swiping up to down and click on brightness. High brightness may reduce battery life. 


14. I don't receive calls and I don't find another bluetooth in my cellphone settings, how to troubleshoot?
Please check on your watch connection setting by swiping up to down and icon similar to headset. You can turn on/off and check again in cellphone bluetooth settings. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to connect us via live chat below. We are happy to help!