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ZE™ X - Beyond the Ordinary

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Finally,  a fully functional feature-packed premium smartwatch  that won’t cost you $400-$700.

Introducing ZE™ X

ZE™ X offers all the functionalities of a high-end smartwatch at an incredible price. From essential health features to advanced capabilities, it has everything you need.

Next level adventure.

ZE X is your ultimate adventure companion, equipped with built-in GPS, digital compass, altimeter, and barometer. Get ready for your next level adventures!

ZE X Smartwatch Compass 

See a more complete picture of your health 

Health and heart data

Measure your heart rate directly from your wrist in real time, with our advanced dual heart rate monitoring technology.  Monitor your highest and lowest points for early detection of potential health risks and protect your health.

Blood oxygen (SPO2) data

Monitor blood oxygen, improve health: detect respiratory or cardiovascular issues, boost energy and cognitive function.

ZE X Smartwatch blood oxygen

Sleep quality data

Keep track of your sleep patterns and quality. Fill your days with more productivity and positivity.

Sleep Quality ZE X Smartwatch

Health metrics

You will be aware of your health metrics on a daily basis. This includes information on steps taken, calories burnt, and distance covered in walking.

More connected, far and away

Built-in speaker and microphone

Place and receive phone calls when paired with your apple ®  or android ™ smartphone.  Utilise smartphone voice assistant. Get notifications from your paired smartphone.

Weather information

Get weather information and forecasts in your location.

Play music- from your wrist to your ears

You can skip or playback your music while running or relaxing.

Match your style

With a collection of eye-catching watch faces, you'll have the luxury to match your style to every occasion. 

ZE X Smartwatch Faces

Forget your daily charging routine

Imagine weeks of connectivity, health tracking, and timekeeping without the nagging need to recharge. That's the weeks-long battery life ZE X Smartwatch promises. It lasts up to 2 weeks per charge!

ZE X Smartwatch


Whether you're team iOS or Android, ZE X melds with your phone seamlessly. 

Limited time offer

With a bonus $30 [Screen Protector plus Free Shipping] when you order NOW, it's more than a smart decision. It's a steal.

Technical Specification

  • MCU – RTL8762DT+AC6963
  • G Sensor – SC7A20
  • GPS - TD1030
  • TP – Capacitive touch TP, Hynitron 816D
  • PPG - PAH8009
  • Display - 1.39"TFT-LCD
  • Motor – Flat motor, wire-bonded
  • Bluetooth – BT3.0+BLE 5.1
  • Flash - 128M
  • Data Transfer - JL CHIP
  • Heart Rate – HRS3605
  • Pedometer - Silan SC7A20
  • Charging – 2PIN magnetic charging cable
  • Battery – Capacity 430mAH
  • Waterproof – IP68
  • Diameter- 45 mm/1.7 inches
  • Max Band Range - 25 cm/10 inches

    What's in the box?

    1 x ZE X Smartwatch 

    1 x ZE X Original Strap

    1 x Screen Protector

    1 x Magnetic USB Charging Cable

    1 x User Manual

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    ✔️ Life-time free mobile application for iOS and Android

    ✔️ 45-Day buyer protection with 100% money back guarantee

    ✔️ Digital user manuals and instructional video tutorials

    ✔️ Manufacturer warranty

    ✔️ Free shipping and hassle-free returns

    ✔️ 24/7 after-sale support


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    Why ZE™ Watch..

    ZE smartwatches stand out in the market with their superior functionality and unique features, setting them apart from other brands.

    ZE Technology is the leading manufacturer of wearable tech products. Established in Portland, Oregon. United States in 2017. It has over 1 million users in more than 70 countries and counting...

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    Our products are meticulously crafted by scientists and wearable tech engineers to ensure seamless compatibility with all cellphones, iPhones, and Android devices.

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