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ZE Smart Band 1 with Body Temperature Monitoring

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Are you the best version of yourself you can be?

Imagine how your life would change if you were

Would you say you’re trying your best every day?

Let’s face it. Being the best version of ourselves is damn hard. Live never stops spinning to pay mind to the pain of each of us. You know… Everyday things like not having enough time for ourselves...or having to put that dream on the shelf for later… or missing that opportunity you worked so hard for. 💪


Would you answer that you’re enjoying every single moment of it?

We should receive a pat on the back for everything that happens to us… but we don’t. Who acknowledges the fact we have to get up every day to go through the grind? Running around making money to pay the bills instead of actually working on ourselves? 🤔 

Would you look only ahead, leaving regrets in the past, where they belong?

It’s hard to see the right answer when you’re engaged in a daily routine, every day the same, getting up, getting out, getting in, coming back...you’ll be looking back thinking you could have behaved better, been better, made a better decision.

But you know what?

No matter what has been thrown at you, you have kept going. 

That’s right. Here you were. Thinking you’re a sucker. Thinking that life is passing you by right now, at the moment we speak. But the fact is... you have kept on. No matter what, you stayed your course. Life is hard. And you kept on. So now, this begs the question...

What will you do when you decide that you’re going to be better?

“I’m going to get up early and go to the gym before getting to work...I’m going to work two extra hours every day on my side business as I had promised myself...I’m putting my health and nutrition first right now...I’m dedicating the right amount of time to my family”...

Regardless of what, the definition of better is different for every person. But what really makes you a winner is the relentless desire to improve your life.

And wouldn’t you desire to maximize the improvement in your life? 🏃💪

For me, maximizing improvement starts with being in control of my body so that  I notice the changes that affect me, and that can have an impact on my level of productivity, happiness, and ultimately, of how much I’m living my life. 

We believe that everyone can be in control of the best version of themselves… and we’re sure you can, too!


Let us introduce... the ZE Smart Band. 🔥

The ZE Smart Band ‌is‌ ‌a‌ ‌powerful‌ ‌lightweight‌ ‌waterproof‌ ‌device‌ ‌that‌ ‌optimizes‌ ‌the‌ ‌pace‌ ‌of‌ ‌your‌ ‌life‌!

You want to have a better sleep 💤

The Smart Band will track your sleep patterns and allow you to understand what are the weak points in the night so that you can do something about it and improve the quality of your sleep.  

You want to know when and if you’re starting to get sick 🤒

With our accurate technology, you’ll be able to access any changes in your body temperature and know immediately if something is wrong. Handy in the current times.


You want to be in charge of your fitness levels 💪

The ZE Smart Band will track the steps you’re giving and the calories you’re spending so that you know exactly how to tweak your workout for improved fitness levels.  

You monitor your body at all times 🧠

The waterproof band will accompany you in all your activities, be it swimming in the water or training at the gym, always monitoring your heart rate and oxygen levels in your blood so that you have a clear picture of what’s happening to your body under stress.  

Why People Love ZE™

ZE Smartwatches are the best on the market because they have a variety of features that other brands don't.

ZE Technology is a leading manufacturer in wearable technology, established in 2017 in Oregon, United States.

As of 2023, it has 1.2 million users and counting.

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