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ZE™ Max Military Grade Smartwatch


Do you really take care of your health, your body?

Most of us think YES. But believe it or not, we don’t. Because we are too busy to analyze our body, our health.

Imagine if someone or something is reminding you like this all the time ..“Hey hey, your heart rate is high, relax now”…”Hey, your blood pressure is not normal, make appointment with your doctor”..”Oops..You didn’t have enough Deep Sleep yesterday, take a rest”..”You need to drink more water now”…

Seems too good to be true, right?

Well, that’s how ZE™ Max would be reminding you all the time if it’s on your wrist. Not only it’s packed with these amazing features, ZE™ Max can even assist you in many tasks that would make your daily schedule more efficient.. like answering calls from your wrist while driving, weather forecasts, reminders, timers… many many more.

If ZE™ Max is not on your wrist, you will never know about this amazing wearable technology that will revolutionize your life. Experience your new life without boundaries.

ZE™ Max combines the elegance of mechanical watches with an emphasis on thorough health monitoring functionality and intuitive 3D user-experience

The American Heart Association agrees that smartwatch funtions could be beneficial, even lifesaving!

Heart attacks alone account for over 600,000 deaths annually, a number that could possibly be reduced if more people had access to sophisticated heart rate monitoring technology.

This watch gives you instant access to key metrics such as:

  • Heart Rate & Blood Pressure Monitoring - With one of the most advanced and intuitive monitoring functions on the market, the ZE™ Max tells you your heart rate and blood pressure in real-time; with all metrics displayed on a 3D graph. 

  • Daily Step Count - The best way to stay consistent is to visualise your results. This smartwatch lets you keep track of your daily step count, helping you reach your goal and reminding you when you fall behind. 

  • Calories Burnt - Keep track of your calorie consumption anytime and anywhere with the ZE™ Max's advanced nutrition monitor. 

  • General Sleep Patterns - Struggling to figure out what’s wrong with your sleeping habits? The ZE™ Max collects data on disturbances and quality of sleep throughout the night, allowing you to easily pinpoint the cause of restlessness.

  • Sports/Activity Data - A Life-time free mobile app available for both IOS and Android can be used to sync data from the smartwatch to your phone via Bluetooth; giving you easy access to real-time assessments of your daily exercise.

  • Full Time Smart Assistant - You can Answer phone calls (with crystal clear sounds) from this Smartwatch. You can also get notifications from Apps and Texts. You can set alarm,Control the Cell Phone Camera,Sedentary reminder and many more which will make you more productive and smarter. 

  • And that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the great health and fitness features that come out of the box with the  ZE™ Max.

    There’s no better way to keep a pulse on your most important indicators. If ever something goes wrong, you’ll be the first to know and the first to act thanks to this watch!

    Distinguishing Features:

    • Customisable to Hundreds of Watch Faces 

    • Answer Phone Calls and Texts just from your wrist with Crystal Clear Sound

    • Latest AI technology with 3D user Interface

    • Sleep Patterns Tracking (Awake, Light Sleep, Deep Sleep, REM Sleep)

    • Heart-Rate, Blood Oxygen & Blood Pressure Monitoring

    • Shock proof, Dust proof and Waterproof

    • Apps Notifications

    • Integration with third party apps and platforms for both iOS and Android

    • Alarm Feature with notifications and vibrations

    • Cell Phone Camera Remote

    • Cell Phone/ Smartwatch Search Feature

    • Full size, Full Touch and Full Color Display

    • Calorie and Steps counter

    • Pedometer

    • Aircraft-Grade Carbon-Fiber, Extra Light Design with Stainless Steel Buttons

    • Customisable Strap (Bands fit up to 25cm)

    • Timer Function

    • Different Sports and Running Modes

    • Long battery-life (3-10 days) with short charging time (less than 3 hrs)

    Technical Specifications

    • Bluetooth: BLE 5.0

    • Chip: Realtek8762C

    • Memory: Flash 64MB

    • Screen Resolution: 240*240

    • Battery capacity: 400mAh

    • Stand-by time: About 30days

    • Working hours: 5-10 days

    • 1.28 inch Full Touch IPS Display

    • Detachable 22mm strap Standard


    Compatible with all phones, iOS (iPhones), Android (Samsung, Google,....).

    Whether you are using iPhone 12 or iPhone 6 or any android phones like samsung, OnePlus ...., it is compatible. You can setup everything in less than 30 seconds. 

    With the global pandemic continuing to disrupt our lives and compromise our safety, we have to take our healthcare into our own hands. 

    Don’t put a price on your health, safety, and peace of mind. Choose the ZE™ MAX and have yourself a companion during these dangerous times. It won’t let you down!

    What's in the Box

    1 x ZE™ Max Smartwatch

    1 x USB Charging Cable

    1 x User Manual

    45-Day Buyer Protection

    100% Money Back Guarantee

    All items on our store are backed by 45-day Buyer Protection. If you don't receive or get defective item, we will issue full refund or free replacement. 

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