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ZE™ Military Grade Smartwatch V3 (With Blood Pressure Monitoring)

✨ Heart Rate

✨ Blood Oxygen 

✨ Blood Pressure

✨ Daily Step Count

✨ Calories Burnt

✨ General Sleep Patterns

✨ Smart Activity Monitoring

These are just a few of the biometrics you’ll be able to keep track of with the ZE™ Fit Military Grade Smartwatch. 

Now we know what you’re thinking, “Another smart watch? No thanks, I'll stick to my mechanical.”

But what if there was a watch that combined the aesthetics of mechanical with the functionality and peace of mind you get with a smart watch? 

Hear us out. 1 in every 4 deaths in America is caused by heart attacks. That accounts for roughly 600,000 deaths every year from one illness alone. While our smartwatch doesn’t guarantee protection from heart disease, it sure is a solid place to start. 


Quick question, can your mechanical watch do this?

🔷 Customisable to Hundreds of Watch Faces 

🔷 Latest AI technology with 3D user interface

🔷 Sleep Patterns Tracking (Awake, Light Sleep, Deep Sleep, REM Sleep)

🔷 Heart-rate monitoring, Blood Oxygen & Blood Pressure Monitoring

🔷 Shock proof, dust proof, waterproof

🔷 Incoming calls and text notification

🔷 Integration with third party apps and platforms for both iOS and Android

🔷 Alarm Feature with notifications and vibrations

🔷 Cell phone camera controlling feature

🔷 Cellphone/ Smartwatch search feature

🔷 Full size and full colour LCD display

🔷 Calorie and steps counter

🔷 Pedometer

🔷 Aircraft-Grade Carbon-Fiber, Extra Light Design with Stainless Steel Buttons

🔷 Customisable strap (Bands fit with up to 25cm)

🔷 Alert to Notifications

🔷 Timer Function

🔷 Different Sports and Running Modes

🔷 Long battery-life (2-10 days) with short charging time (less than 3 hrs)

Didn’t think so! With technology advancing more and more each day, we are privileged to have a new means of monitoring our health and making our lives a whole lot easier. 

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Key Features: 

Industry Leading Heart Rate & Blood Pressure Monitoring

With one of the most sophisticated and intuitive monitoring functions on the market, the ZE™ Fit provides you with real-time feedback of your heart rate and blood pressure; with all metrics visualised clearly on a graph. 

Display Health Parameters

The Smart Health feature allows you to view the time, date, steps, distance and calories in one section. Don’t worry about learning complex functions as Smart Health will visualise all metrics with easy-to-read graphs. 


Sync Sports Data

A free mobile app available for both IOS and Android can be used to sync data from the smartwatch to your phone via Bluetooth; giving you easy access to real-time assessments of your daily exercise. 


Calories Consumption 

Keep track of your calorie consumption anytime and anywhere with the ZE™ Fit’s advanced nutrition monitor. 


Sleep Monitoring Function

Struggling to figure out what’s wrong with your sleeping habits? The ZE™ Fit collects data on disturbances and quality of sleep throughout the night, allowing you to easily pinpoint the cause of restlessness.

Phone Camera Remote 

On top of its bevy of health features, the ZE™ Fit can also be used to control your phone camera. Say goodbye to waiting too long for the 10s timer, and not having enough time with the 3s timer. All it takes is 1 click!


With the global pandemic continuing to disrupt our lives and compromise our safety, we have to take our healthcare into our own hands. 

Don’t put a price on your health, safety, and peace of mind. Choose the ZE™ Fit and have yourself a companion during these dangerous times. It won’t let you down!

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