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User Manual for ZE Pro Smartwatch

User Manual for ZE Pro Smartwatch


(Not ZE Fit Smartwatch)

ZE Smartwatches are designed by:

ZE Tech, A Subsidiary of ST Enterprise LLC.

Before using the ZE Pro Military Grade Smartwatch, please read this instruction manual carefully to ensure correct use.

Thank you for buying this amazing product. In order to serve you and others like you, we would highly appreciate feedbacks which will assist us in improving our products. Please preserve this instruction manual for future reference and guidance.

Quick Start Guide:

1. Download the "WearHealth" App on Google Playstore or Applestore. You can copy the link, iOS or Android according to your phone system. 





To connect the watch to your cell phone, an application which supports the connection is required. Please check the requirements of your mobile phone system hardware platform, before you download the “WearHealth” application.

Searching Method:

1). First Scan the QR Code with your Phone to download the app.

2). Or you can also search directly for the "WearHealth" App in the Apple Store or Google Play store.

3). To start using the watch, you have to make sure the watch is fully charged and in on mode.

4). Turned on your device’s Bluetooth. Please remind that the watch will always connect to your device through the Bluetooth.

5). Open WearHealth App and register. After registering, connect your cell phone with the watch by go to the Mine Menu – Connect a device – Swatch. The time will sync automatically once you have paired the watch and your device.

6). To do Blood Pressure calibration, please click the Measure on the WearHealth App.

7). To turn on SMS/Call notifications, and other reminders, please go to the Mine Menu Device Management. You can also resetting the watch through the WearHealth App in the Device Management section. STARTING TO USE:

Button A: UP; Zero Clear; Button B: Enter;

Button C: DOWN; Start; Button D: UI Switch; Pause; Button E: Return

Operating Instructions:

- Please make sure to charge the watch before you use it. Also, note that it will launch automatically after the watch fully charged.

- Power ON: Press and Hold down Button B to turn on the watch.

- Power OFF: Switch to the power OFF page, and press and hold down button B to turn off the watch. Recommendation to do;

To save the battery life, you may unpaired the watch and your device while it is not in used.




• Dimensions: 51*14mm Product

• Weight: About 52g

• Display screen: 1.22"TFT

• Resolution: 240*204 Battery: 180mAh

• Standby Time; 30days

• Working Time: 7-10days

• Waterproof: Ip67

• Case Material: Carbon Fiber

• Band Material: Quality TPU

Contents of the Package:

- ZE PRO Military Smartwatch x1

- User's Manual x1

- Charging Cord x1 Frequently Asked Questions;

1. Why the watch cannot be found when pairing with the WearHealth app?

➢ Please always make sure that the Bluetooth to your phone is enabled. You can connect the watch from the APP, not from the Bluetooth Menu. Also, keep the phone in the range of the watch within a distance of 0.5 meters. The communication range of the Bluetooth is within 10 meters after you have paired the watch to the app.

2. Why is Bluetooth not connected occasionally?

➢ This is because certain mobile phones have various settings on their Bluetooth. Some will need you to reconnect the watch to the phone, and will not do so automatically.

Usually, you can restart your phone or reset the Bluetooth to establish a normal connection with the watch.

3. How Do I restore the factory default settings of the watch?

➢ Connect the watch to your phone, open the WearHealth App then go the "Mine Device Management - Reset". This will take the device back to its factory settings.

4. How do I update the firmware of the watch?

➢ After you have connected the watch to your phone, open the WearHealth App then go to the "Mine - Device Management – Firmware Update". Please follow the instructions and get the device updated.

5. How waterproof the Smartwatch is?

➢ The Smartwatch can resist to the splash of water moreover when you go swimming to the depth of 3 meters.

6. How to change the background of the watch?

➢ You may change it through the WearHealth App. If it gets blurry, you may convert the image into a smaller size and try to upload it again.

7. How to download another App to the watch?

➢ The watch comes with its own Apps. You cannot download another Apps on it.

8. Are the wristband replaceable?

➢ Yes, you may buy it on our website;


9. How long can I charge the watch? 

➢  We recommend to charge less than 3 hours. Long time charging can damage the battery. Please note that the charger ports have magnets. Keep away that from other metals. Attaching it to other metals while connecting to the power can damage the cord or the watch. 

If there is any other question, do not hesitate to contact us on: